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bigBOX Veranstaltungshalle mit Tischen
Veranstaltungshalle mit Messe
bigBOX Veranstaltungshalle
bigBOX Veranstaltungshalle und Foyer

Perfect for Trade Shows and Congresses


With an area of 2,704 square metres, the bigBOX is ideal for large events with up to 3,829 participants, as well as trade shows and galas. With a clearance height of 14 metres, various seating arrangements and with the possibility of extending the hall by including the bigBOX lobby and the gallery lobby, there are no limits to your plans.

Rental fee bigBOX: from 3.950,00 €

bigBOX Ansprechpartnerin Conference Evelyn Boettinger
Evelyn Böttinger
Event Management & Conference Sales
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