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Dachterrassenbar topSEVEN Sitzecke
Dachterrassenbar topSEVEN Barbereich
Dachterrassenbar topSEVEN Barbereich
Dachterrassenbar topSEVEN Sitzecke

Rooftop Terrace topSEVEN


Our rooftop terrace bar topSEVEN located on the seventh floor of the bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel provides an exclusive atmosphere for events. The indoor area accommodates ca. 20 guests, the outdoor area from 25 to 50 guests, depending on the seating arrangement (lounge, bistro tables optional).  The rooftop terrace bar is suitable for events with up to 75 persons.  

topSEVEN is an exclusive location for private functions and internal activities such as our cocktail classes. There is no public bar service available.  
More details about our topSEVEN rooftop terrace lounge:

  • Indoor bar-seating of the topSEVEN bar for ca. 20 guests
  • Outdoor lounge seating of the topSEVEN bar for 24 guests, additional seating at bistro-style tables possible
  • The topSEVEN bar can host about 75 people at the most.

Inquire now about your topSEVEN event. We will gladly advise you!

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