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Hybride meetings: Weframe-technology at bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel

Weframe One. The new meeting-experience

Better meetings: Weframe technology at bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel

Weframe One. The new conference experience.

Weframe One simply makes meetings more productive and replaces projectors, flipcharts and the like with a digital platform. Presenting, writing, drawing or integrating all participants interactively - everything is possible. Not even all those involved have to be on site for this.

Weframe One consists of an 86 “multitouch board, easy-to-use software and has been specially developed for group work. Whether as a face-to-face event or a hybrid meeting with video conference - Weframe One is conference technology for everything that groups are planning and need for interactive collaboration today.

This is how Weframe One works:

Simply work digitally.
Simply start in the conference room with one click. Present content via HDMI cable or wireless. Create notes or sketches very intuitively with digital sheets.

Involve everyone interactively.
Each participant contributes with their smartphone, tablet or laptop and contributes content such as texts, photos or PDFs - ad hoc and without installation.

One surface for everyone.
Everything comes together on the 86 ”session board. Discuss content together, draw conclusions and define the next steps.

Always and everywhere.
Prepare meetings conveniently on the laptop - no matter when and where. All sessions, content and results are managed in the Meeting Manager. Everything is securely stored in the cloud and can always be accessed.

Use immediately:
Simply switch on, start the session and get started. All participants can also work remotely on an ad hoc basis - completely without installation and with all common operating systems.


Hybrid meetings with Weframe One

With shared sessions, groups can work together on several weframe boards interactively, regardless of location and synchronously. In the shared work surface, all participants use the same digital tools in real time and exchange ideas with one another in the video call. Hybrid and online meetings are thus possible in the quality of face-to-face meetings.

Maximum flexibility.

Participants without Weframe One simply take part in shared sessions on their laptops and thus become part of the group.

A board for the group
● 86 ”large multi-touch display
● Brilliant resolution in 4K
● Ultra wide angle camera
● Integrated 2.1. Sound system
● Pivoting display
● Mobile stand and shelf
● Dual band WiFi, wireless screen sharing, HDMI connection

Secure digital platform
● Platform-neutral thanks to the cloud: Apple OS, Windows, Android
● Can be used immediately without any installation
● Encrypted data transmission and storage (server in Frankfurt a.M.)
● Individually secured in a personal account (free of charge)
● In accordance with the GDPR


We are looking forward for your reservation. For more information about Weframe One, please contact us at:
Andrea Grath
Event management & sales conference
Email request
T. +49 (0) 831 570 55 - 4000

You can also find comprehensive information about Weframe One at: weframe.com/de

bigBOX Ansprechpartnerin Conference und Entertainment Andrea Grath
Andrea Grath
Event Management & Conference Sales
T. +49 (0) 831 570 55 - 4000
+49 (0)831 57055-4000
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