Feel close to the stars: Guided tours | bigBOX ALLGÄU

Exciting insights into the work of the largest event hall in the Allgäu region

Have you ever been interested to see where the stars get ready for their performance in the bigBOX Allgäu? Want to see the backstage area of the bigBOX Allgäu? Interested in looking at a possible venue for private and business functions? Or walk the catwalk at lofty heights? The public guided tour is the perfect opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of bigBOX ALLGÄU, the largest event venue in the Allgäu region.

Guided tours through the bigBOX ALLGÄU are available several times a year and will be announced in advance. Anyone can participate after successful registration.

The tour provides an insight into the premises, processes and work of the event industry. The staff of the bigBOX ALLGÄU will show the event hall in a way that even regular visitors have never seen it before. They will explain a variety of interesting facts about the events and range of possibilities in the popular Kempten event centre.

You can visit the various event rooms, the backstage area, the artists' cloakroom, as well as storage and seminar rooms, the catwalk at the top of the hall and the box area. 

You will gain interesting insights into the world of shows and concerts!

*** Due to the high utilization of shows and concerts in our house, there are currently no guided tours. Soon we will announce dates for the year 2020. ***