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Cycling in the Allgäu

Allgäu Cycle Course - your route to the most beautiful spots
Cycle 450 kilometres on the Allgäu Cycle Course and experience nature up close. The Allgäu Cycle Course stands out for its variety - you can choose from up to seven different routes. Uniform signposting, varying levels of altitude suitable for all ages, and a designated e-bike region make the Allgäu Cycle Course a 4-star quality route rated by ADFC (German bicycle association). For more details on the Allgäu Cycle Course, please click here.

The Iller Cycle Tour - a 149-km nature experience 
Do you love cycling in nature and along creeks and rivers? 
Then we recommend you try the Iller Cycle Tour! Be fascinated by the unique nature left and right of the river Iller while cycling from Oberstdorf to Ulm. You can cycle slightly uphill towards the Alps, or downhill and meet the Ulmer Spatz at the end of your tour. For more details on the Iller Cycle Tour, please click here.

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