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Since opening our hotel in 2013, we have successfully made a presence in the market with a wide range of offers and first-class customer service. Many companies from the region and even from all over Germany are among our customers and recommend us to others. We are very proud of this!

Here are some of our references: 

“We are a construction chemistry company. At our information centre based in Krugzell near Kempten we organize specialized seminars for craftsmen and our specialist trade retailers.  These seminars usually last two days and usually include an overnight stay. Customer satisfaction is extremely important for us, and this includes the quality of the accommodation. The bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel is very convenient for us. 
The new, modern hotel offers everything that the heart desires. Great location, friendly staff both at the reception and in the restaurant, clean rooms with very good equipment including free internet access, walk-in showers, and the top SEVEN bar on the rooftop with its magnificent view of the Allgäu metropolis. For health-oriented, sporty customers there is a free gym available, which is well designed and includes modern fitness equipment.  Our customers are also enthusiastic about the extensive breakfast buffet. When staying at the bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel, the seminar participants’ feedback is always very positive - which is very important for us because when it comes to our customer events, everything has to be right.”


“We thank the team of the bigBOX HOTEL Kempten for their pleasant, open and uncomplicated cooperation. We are looking forward to the next few years and wish them every success!”
Tina Behringer, Managing Director

Our international customers, business partners and guests like the hotel team’s professional, friendly way and the pleasant atmosphere. Even our colleagues from other GEA locations enjoy their stay and the friendly host at the bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel. Since the hotel opening, our company has been enjoying the benefits of the hotel as a reliable local partner right from the beginning. We are therefore happy to regularly take advantage of the hotel’s infrastructure.


"We are a construction chemicals company. In our information center in Krugzell near Kempten we organize specialist seminars for craftsmen and our partners from specialist retailers. Since these seminars usually go over two days, we usually have to plan an overnight stay. The quality of accommodation undoubtedly has enormous importance for customer satisfaction. And that's why we chose the bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel.
The new modern hotel offers everything your heart desires. Great location, friendly staff, as at the reception, as well as in the restaurant, clean, very well equipped rooms with free Internet access, walk-in showers, the bar topSEVEN on the roof terrace with a beautiful view over the city. For health-conscious sports enthusiasts, there is a free gym that is thoughtfully equipped with various fitness equipment. Even from the rich breakfast buffet our customers are excited. The positive impressions that our seminar visitors bring with them after their stay at the bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel can not be overlooked and mean a lot to us, because everything has to be right at a customer event."

"We thank the bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel team for the pleasant, open and uncomplicated cooperation. We are looking forward to the next years and wish them all the best!"

Tina Behringer, Managing Director

"Our international clients, business associates and guests appreciate the professional, accommodating host and pleasant atmosphere of the hotel, as well as colleagues from other GEA locations who enjoy the hospitality of the whole team at the bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel. With the opening of the hotel, our company has gained a reliable local partner right from the start. We like to use the infrastructure of the house regularly."

"We have appreciated the bigBOX ALLGÄU Hotel for years as a reliable partner for our sales events. The inviting space, friendly team and professional planning create an environment in which both our clients and us feel comfortable. Thank you for this valuable collaboration."

Florian Schreiber
Supervisor Reservation Hotel
T. +49 (0) 831 570 55 - 2000