Statistic & Sold Out Award | bigBOX ALLGÄU

Sold-out house? There’s a cow bell award for that!

Visitor statistics of the event hall: 

Since the opening of the bigBOX ALLGÄU in October 2003  

  • 2,876,342 guests attended the concerts, shows and seminars.
  • a total of 5,084 events took place.  (Status: 07.01.2021)

Short overview of the visitor records in the bigBOX:

February 2007
500,000th visitor to the bigBOX is celebrated.

November 2008
We welcome the 750,000th visitor in the bigBOX.

January 2010
On 16.01.2010, the 1,000th event took place in the bigBOX.

January 2013
At the concert of the rapper "Cro" on 26.01.2013, 8,519 visitors were counted at the bigBOX -  a new record! Shortly before on 18.01.2013, we welcomed the 1.5 millionth guest to the bigBOX.

August 2015
The 2 millionth visitor comes to the bigBOX.

September 2016
The 3,000th event takes place in the bigBOX.

March 2020

The 5.000th wcwnt takes place in the bigBOX.

The Sold Out Award - the award for sold-out events

Many artists have already received our Sold Out Award, a cow bell. These include Die Toten Hosen, Sportfreunde Stiller, Udo Jürgens, Cro, Maxi Schafroth, Kraftklub, André Rieu, Die Fantastischen Vier, Losamol, Andrea Berg, Andreas Gabalier, Revolverheld, James Blunt, LaBrassBanda, Ina Müller, Hubert von Goisern and many more.

Current Sold Out Award winners: 

  • The music cabaret duo Pizzera & Jaus stood in front of a sold-out house on 13.04.2022. For this, the artists received the first Sold Out Award after the long Corona break.

  • Gerhard Polt & Well-Brüder aus'm Biermoos filled the bigBOX to capacity on 22.04.2022. For this there was the Sold Out Award of the bigBOX ALLGÄU.

  • Once again full success at the AÜW kultSLAM: The Poetry Slam was once again sold out on 26.04.2022. For the AÜW kultSLAM this is the seventh Sold Out Award.

  • Felix Lobrecht not only received many laughs on 02.06.2022, but also his first Sold Out Award for the completely sold out show in the bigBOX.

  • Luke Mockridge received his fourth Sold Out Award in the bigBOX ALLGÄU for his shows on 30.06.2022 & 01.07.2022.


    Böhse Onkelz received their first Sold Out Award for their show on 09/23/2022 for a completely sold out bigBOX ALLGÄU.