ticketdirect | bigBOX ALLGÄU

ticketdirect - the fast Way to a Concert Ticket!

bigBOX ALLGÄU customers enjoy a number of practical benefits when ordering tickets online or via a mobile device:

  • You can book your desired seat online via our responsive webshop or by using a mobile device.
  • You can pay your ticket via PayPal.
  • Your ticketdirect ticket can be easily saved on the smartphone.


We want your experience with us to be comfortable even before the actual event so that you remember your event for as long as possible. Using ticketdirect, there are three different options you can choose from:

  • Direct scan of QR code from your e-mail

You will receive your ticketdirect by e-mail. This will give you easy access to your ticket via your smartphone. Using the QR code included in the mail, your ticket will simply be scanned at the entrance.

  • Printed ticketdirect / print@home

You can also print out your ticketdirect yourself at home. Using your order confirmation e-mail, we will send you your ticket as a PDF attachment, which can be conveniently printed out at the touch of a button. Simply bring your paper ticket along with you on the day of the event, have it scanned, and off you go!
Do you want to give away your ticketdirect as a gift? Use our envelope templates for printing yourself!

  • Mobile Ticket Wallet or PassWallet

Your ticketdirect can also be saved via a link in Wallet or PassWallet. Many users of mobile train or flight tickets are familiar with these apps. You can manage your mobile tickets there and keep them safe until you need them. In this way, you can no longer forget your ticket at home.